As a longstanding, seasoned professional in the publishing and communications field, Gordon Thomas offers consultation, guidance and customized services and support to authors, writers and organizations. His background in academic, literary and commercial publishing informs his broad perspective and ability to work in a wide variety of genres and disciplines.

Highly respected and known for his commitment to individualized guidance, Gordon skillfully collaborates with authors and corporate clients to ensure a successful, quality publishing experience. He guides authors through each step of the publishing process, combining a traditional respect for ethics and quality work with a keen awareness and understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape of the industry.

Gordon provides insight and guidance through individualized author coaching, process oversight and creative collaboration through services that include:

Manuscript Evaluation

Gordon offers comprehensive manuscript evaluation to determine publishing merit and marketability, including conceptual and stylistic feedback, a detailed written critique and a personal author consultation. He provides an initial roadmap of options for authors as they embark on their individual writing journeys along a broad spectrum of genres.

Structural and Developmental Editing

As a structural and developmental editor, Gordon works skillfully with both new and previously published writers, refining the tone and architecture of each manuscript while retaining the voice and integrity of the author.

Project Management

Tailored to individual author needs, Gordon offers his clients services that include the evaluation of traditional and self-publishing options, editorial coaching, assistance in contract negotiation, oversight of professional copy editing, proofreading and design services, and post-publication publicity, marketing and social media support.